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Not So Fast…
The idea for this blog post on writing speed came after reading some responses our readers made to Shelley Coriell’s 1/25/17 blog post, Write on 2017! Strengths and Weaknesses. (Awesome series! Check it out.) In retrospect, writing speed has been on my radar since the Ruby Blog’s early days, when I jokingly called Ruby Sister […]

Day 50!!! And It’s Time for the Closing Ceremonies!!

Posted By Elisa Beatty on Feb 28 2017, @ 12:04 am

Well, we did it, folks!! At least you stalwart souls that stayed with us all the way through the 2017 WWF!!!

It’s always hard to say goodbye after each Winter Writing Festival, but know that the Rubies are always with you for inspiration and support over at our blog at Jump on over there today to let us know if you met all your Festival goals!! As always, we’ve got some great prizes.

And, for all you morning sprints, Autumn and Co. and going to try to keep those sprints going for as long as participants are interested, so we’re keeping the Chat Room door open!!

Thanks so much for being with us for another glorious winter of writing! May spring be warm and fruitful for you in every way!!