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Welcome to Week 2!
Welcome to week 2 of the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival! We’re now a full 5 days in to the Winter Writing Festival and the excitement and enthusiasm that pushed us over the starting line has begun to even out a bit. We’ve had a few sprints under our belt and a few days […]

Day 7 – Last Day of Week One!!

Posted By Elisa Beatty on Jan 16 2018, @ 12:02 am

Can you believe we’ve already at Day Seven of the Festival???

Tomorrow is CHECK-IN WEDNESDAY, so be sure you stop by the regular Ruby blog tomorrow ( to let us know how you did with your goals for Week One…and be eligible for book and gift card prizes, PLUS the chance to win a critique from Ruby Sister Lizzie Shane, a two-time RITA nominee!!

By the end of today, if you got the bonus point for signing up on January 10, and you’ve met all your daily goals, you should be up to EIGHT points out of 50!

If you’re just joining us, NO WORRIES!  You can set your goals any way you want, and you can feel free to award yourself whatever bonus points are needed to make up for missed days.  The emphasis is on making progress, and we’ve got until the end of February to get there!