Sprint Schedule

During NaNoWriMo, we will hold some moderated Writing Sprints in our chat room.

Monday mornings with Darynda Jones (time not set yet, but drop on by.)

Tuesday mornings with Liz Talley (same as above…drop on by.)

Wednesday mornings 9:30-11 a.m., EST with Heather McCollum

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 1-3 p.m., EST, with Laurie Kellogg

Saturday mornings, 10-noon, EST with Elisa Beatty

Monday and Wednesday, 10 p.m. to midnight, EST, with Shelley Coriell

Not sure how sprints work? Find more info here!

From the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Blog

Announcing the 2015 Ruby Winter Writing Festival!!!
Caught up in the holiday frenzy? Remember to pencil in a little post-holiday gift for yourself: THE FIFTH ANNUAL RUBY SLIPPERED SISTERHOOD WINTER WRITING FESTIVAL STARTS JANUARY 12, 2015!!! If you’ve joined us for the Winter Writing Festival any time during the past four years, you know it can be a tremendously productive time, with […]

Latest From the Brag Blog

Day 50 – And It’s a Wrap for Another Year!!

Posted By Elisa Beatty on Feb 28 2014, @ 12:20 am

Congratulations to all those who made their goals during the 4th Annual Winter Writing Festival!

And to those who didn’t, if you made forward progress in your writing, you’re still a winner in our eyes!

Be sure to jump over the the regular Ruby blog to do your final Check-In once you’re done writing for the day!


I’ll miss you all! But I know I’ll see you here next year for more fierce and awesome writing progress!


Thought for the Day

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

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  • Patti Macdonald: Lyn and Janet are absolutely right, Elisa. You are a tremendous coordinator and cheerleader! Thanks...
  • Elisa Beatty: Thanks, Janet!! And thanks for getting in there and leading some sprints! Awesome!!!
  • Elisa Beatty: Thanks for being with us again, Lyn! I always enjoy sprinting with you!
  • Janet Walden-West: Elisa, you are an amazing cheerleader and I will second that huge “Thank You”.
  • Lyn: Thanks for everything Elisa, can’t believe it’s over, but it’s been great. This was my third...
  • Elisa Beatty: I have to stay focused on the idea that we’re completely a significant goal early in the...
  • Elisa Beatty: Yay, Jeannie, for reaching THE END of that WIP! (I saw on Facebook that you made it through, yes?)...