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Share a Snippet 2018 – ROUND TWO!!
We’re at Day 45 of the 2018 Winter Writing Festival , and we’re starting to see the finish line approach!! Before we say goodbye to the Festival for another year, I’m eager to see another glimpse of the WORDS everybody’s been writing since we started. Our first round of Sharing Snippets was really fun….so let’s […]

Day 47 – And Happy New Year!!

Posted By Elisa Beatty on Feb 25 2018, @ 12:01 am in ,

It’s the Year of the Dog!

Here in the San Francisco area, we’re celebrating with parades and firecrackers, and children are being given little red envelopes full of money to ensure good fortune for the coming year.

Dogs are noted for their loyalty and consistency, which are certainly traits we as writers have found valuable during the Winter Writing Festival–and which I’m sure we’re all hoping to carry forward in the months to come.

How’s it going today?