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  对于PTE小伙伴来说,真题的练习是大家能够直接并且找到错误的点关键,无论是哪个科目,习题练习不可少,其中PTE阅读考试中的Re-order Paragraphs题型,我们先来看看对于这道题的要求,下面一起了解吧。
  Several text boxes appear on screen in a random order. Put the text boxes in the correct order. The length of texts is up to 150 words overall (几句话会以随机出现在屏幕的方框中,请按正确顺序将他们排列,总文字数量超过150字)。
  应对策略 高度注意代词:比如it, they, these systems, its 等。凡是出现代词的句子一定不是一、句。我们需要去找他指代的东西到底是什么。名词,专用名词尤其,一般是一句的标志。
  高度注意定冠词the: 一般名词第二次出现就用 所有出现the 的句子除非是固定搭配,一般为至少第二个句子。 高度时间副词:afterwards, then, after that 等。

  注意逻辑连词:as a result, consequently, as a consequence。 实例讲解 A: It is important to register for sessions with the industry professionals as numbers are limited. B:The conference is part of the career counselling Centre’s campaign, which has been designed to assist final year students transitioning out of university and getting their careers off to a good start. C: Students will be able to speak with industry professionals and graduates who had the benefit of this assistance last year. D: The University will host its annual Arts and Commerce Career Readiness Conference on campus next month. 答案解析 正确答案:DBCA 段落中一、句开始一般为unknown information或未知信息,即泛指信息,但是本题A,B,C三个选项都不是,因为都包含了 定冠词,代词等,所以可以排除。所以一、句为:D。 上下文语义关联,类似于汉语的“顶针”,即首尾呼应。根据这一原则,D句的结尾说到了conference, 那么下面一句应该以conference 来承接,所以第二句答案应该为:B。 同理,以下两个选项依次为C和A。