Day 21 – And It’s Officially a Habit!!

Posted Jan 30 2018, 12:57 am

Image result for habitStudies show it takes 21 days to form a real habit.

Well, if you’ve been writing with us every day for the 21 days of the Festival so far, you’ve got a new addiction: daily writing!  And–unlike caffeine, chocolate, smoking, or watching constant re-runs of Cake Boss on Netflix–it’s not an addiction you need to break.

Congrats, daily-writing addictees! Go forth and indulge your habit to the fullest!



2 responses to “Day 21 – And It’s Officially a Habit!!”

  1. Paula Huffman says:

    The past few days I’ve been writing, just not on the boards. After work last night I made 1652 words, and I’ll probably even keep some of them! I do think being accountable to others helps. Knowing I would have to confess if I didn’t write is good incentive to get my BIC.

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