Day 3, and We’ve Got Momentum!!

Posted Jan 12 2018, 2:00 am

I’m so thrilled to hear the Chat Room is booming, and lots of WWF veterans AND first-timers are in there getting words streaming onto the page!!

I just love the camaraderie of the WWF, and the way everyone’s energy increases when we work together.

Have a great day, everyone!!!



9 responses to “Day 3, and We’ve Got Momentum!!”

  1. Janet says:

    I’m all alone in the chat room. It’s only temporary, but someone come join me?

  2. Jo Jackson says:

    Took part in my first ever sprints this evening and racked up a little over 1300 words! 😀 Loving it so far!!

  3. Lille says:

    Aren’t the sprints great?! I’ve gotten so much done these past few days. Keep it going!!!

  4. Paula Huffman says:

    Been at work all day, but planning to write tonight. I’ll check out the chat room occasionally and see if anyone else drops in!

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