Day Forty-Nine: And How to Get Your Writing-Challenge Fix Year-Round

Posted Feb 27 2011, 3:00 am

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood’s Winter Writing Festival is coming to a close TOMORROW!!!

Hard to believe, and maybe just a little unnerving for those who’ve been writing juggernauts since January 10 and who wouldn’t mind having continuing support to get their writing done.

Three thoughts to keep in mind:

1. If you’ve been with us for all 50 days, and writing daily, it’s a HABIT now. You’re buff and toned and well-conditioned and can keep zooming along as you are!

2. The Rubies are always here for you, just at our regular blog site,  And we’ll be back with another Winter Writing Festival next year!

 3.  Inspired by the wonderful NaNoWriMo, various groups have come up with similar challenges that happen throughout the year (I got this list via the NaNo site):
 – National Novel Finishing Month (December). Goal: 30,000 words.

De-PlotWriMo – Plot Writing Month (December). Goal: Refine the plot arc of your first draft.

WriYe – (Year-Round). Goal: Set a word-count goal for the year and work towards it between January 1 and December 31.

JanNoWriMo – Goal: Write either 50k or your own word-count goal in January.

NaNoEdMo – National Novel Editing Month (March). Goal: Commit to 50 hours of novel editing.

WriDaNoJu – Write a Damn Novel in June (June). Goal: Write 50K in the 30 days of June. It’s perfectly situated six months from November so you have optimum time to prepare for WriDaNoJu and NaNoWriMo.

SoCNoC – Southern Cross Novel Challenge (June). Goal: Write 50,000 words of fiction.

JulNoWriMo – July Novel Writing Month (July). Goal: 50,000 words for a new or unfinished manuscript.

April Fool’s – (April). Goal: Set a word-count goal for yourself and fulfill it by the end of the month.

AugNoWriMo – August Novel Writing Month (August). Goal: Write a novel in one month.



18 responses to “Day Forty-Nine: And How to Get Your Writing-Challenge Fix Year-Round”

  1. Michal Scott says:

    LOL! And here I thought I had to score my own dope. : ) I’m part of a group called Finish the Book hosted by my RWA inspirational chapter. If you finish a book within one calendar year no matter when you started you will receive a 25 page critique from one of the chapter’s published authors. That’s how I finished my first novel, and their BIAWs have helped me this past fall, but it was this winter writing festival that really pushed me. I’m paying it forward by coordinating a Book in a Month for my chapter. Thanks sisterhood. I will definitely be visiting your regular blog site and letting you know how my WWFWIP fares.

  2. Elisa Beatty says:

    Awesome, Michal! I love that Finish the Book challenge!!

  3. Kelley says:

    Hi…I’m off to the sprint, but I have a quick question first. Does anyone know of an online chapter of RWA accepting new members? Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, I was a member of Orange County RWA…I wasn’t writing much at that point…more getting my feet wet…but the support was great. Sadly there’s no active Western PA chapter so I’m hoping to find one online…thoughts? Also, has anyone taken Margie Lawson’s classes? I’m considering one that starts in March. THANK YOU.

    • Michal Scott says:

      Hi Kelley,

      I only belong to online chapters and they welcome new members every week. I’d be surprised if that wasn’t sure true of all the online chapters. Check out their links on the national website to see which matches what you write.

      I belong to Passionate Ink (erotic romance), Faith, Hope, Love (inspirational Romance), Gothrom (gothic romance), Kiss of Death (mystery and romantic suspense) and Scriptscene. Of the five, Kiss Of Death has the most community activity, (e.g. classes, very active critique group, lots of chat on their business loop, plus the Daphne contest) and Scriptscene has the most business activity (lots of calls for scripts, pitches, etc.).

      I’ve taken two of Margie Lawson’s classes. They are exhausting but well worth the fatigue. : ) I’ve learned how to add so much depth because of her Empowering Characters’ Emotions. The format is very interactive and great community is established because you work with a partner. If that’s the class, I highly recommend it.

      If you want to ask more detailed questions I’d be glad to tell you my experiences with these chapters. You can e-mail me at

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I heartily second the advice to take Margie’s classes…or at least to buy her lecture packets and read them on your own.

      Really, really helpful stuff!!!

      • Kelley says:

        Thank you both-excellent advice. I appreciate it. Michal. I’ll email for sure-thanks for the offer! Talk soon. Have a great night!
        Congrats on making it to 50!

        • I’m a big fan of RWA From The Heart. FTHRW focuses on all romance subgenres. They have an awesome newsletter, a monthly Book in a Week challenge, a brainstorming and critique loop, and monthly workshops that are free to members. They also have an awesome gathering at Nationals. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  4. Nancy H. says:

    Made my 50 today! Revising, not new words, but still, Yay!

  5. Kelley says:

    Nancy…that’s great.

  6. Michal Scott says:

    Well, back from church and a wonderful if sad buying spree at one of the Borders which is closing. I’ll check in later after I’ve made my fiftieth point. Looking forward to the big partay tomorrow!

  7. michal scott says:

    I’m Snoopy dancing through the house. I made my 50th point with a vengeance. I revised 2,110 words today! I am ready to celebrate big time tomorrow.

  8. Kristina Mathews says:

    I’m three points away but have to go help my niece celebrate her 18th birthday.

    If it wasn’t for the last minute, I’d never get anything done. Just curious, when is the last, last minute to crank out those last three thousand words?

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