Day Nineteen…It’s Almost a Habit!!

Posted Jan 28 2011, 12:01 am

It’s Day 19 of the Winter Writing Festival. At this point it’s possible a bit of fatigue has set in, but here’s the bright shiny beacon of hope to kick that fatigue’s lumpy winter butt…..they say it takes 21 days to make a habit.

And you’re on Day 19!!!!

Only 2 more days left! Anything’s bearable for 2 days (OK…most things are bearable for 2 days). Just in case you needed a bit more to help you over the hump, here are a few things that always give me a jolt in the right direction:

Writing is the best profession in the world – and you’re doing it!

No one’s voice is exactly like yours – which is why the world needs a chance to hear yours.

Nora, Jayne, Julia, Christina, J.R., Kresley, Gena and (insert your favorite author here) are all writing. Put your fingers on that keyboard and join them.

You can do this. Everything you need is already inside of you.

And the grand motivator of them all…..get your pages done and you can have a great, big, beautiful glass of wine.

Now get out there and kick the muse’s butt!

Don’t forget! Come on over and leave a comment on the Ruby blog for a chance to win. We can’t wait to hear how you’re doing and cheer you on!



15 responses to “Day Nineteen…It’s Almost a Habit!!”

  1. Elisa Beatty says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Addison! I love the idea that the Festival is truly habit-forming!!

  2. Michal Scott says:

    What a great thought. Writing, you’re getting to be a habit with me. That’s my theme song from now on. Looking forward to day twenty-one when my habit is fully formed.

  3. Addison Fox says:


    I know what you mean – I am having SO much fun with the festival – AND feeling very productive – and I hope everyone else is too.


  4. Tia Ramirez says:

    Tihs has most definetly becoem a habit for me. Every nighht like clock work I log on for the evening sprints 🙂 They have worked wonders.

  5. Kim Law says:

    Love this inspiration, Addison! LOVE IT!

  6. Diane Kelly says:

    Great motivation, Addison! Now if I could just get myself to the gym 21 days in a row . . .

  7. MKChester says:

    I’m waaaay behind, but hanging in there to get the most I can. The chats are great!

  8. Emily Allen says:

    Thanks for the motivation, Addison. This WWF has gotten me into a great habit of writing every day. I love the sprints and will miss them. Hope I can take it with me when we’re finished with this. 🙂

  9. michal scott says:

    Another day of tightening and another point earned.

  10. CarolRose says:

    I had a lot of time to write today as I took a half day off work, so I easily made my goal. 🙂

  11. Points for important things but not enough for writing romance…onward onward!

  12. Jazzy says:

    I’m back and recovering in rehab and have my laptop. Created a new first chapter or prologue. Hard to type and use the computer with one hand. Really happy to be back.

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