Day Seven, and It’s a Full Week!!

Posted Jan 16 2012, 10:48 pm

Yup, seven full days of the Winter Writing Festival are under our belts!!

We don’t have our Check-In until tomorrow (when you should drop by the regular Ruby blog to report your progress and qualify for cool swag!!).  But we’re completing the actual first week today.

Good for you if you’ve been keeping to your plans and earning your points! And if you haven’t–it’s still early in the game. You can re-write your goals if you need to, and GET ON IT!!

Meanwhile, if you’re new to the Rubies and wonder who this Ruby Slippered Sisterhood is anyway, check out Liz Talley’s post on the regular Ruby blog today,

So how did yesterday go? What’s on your plate for today?





9 responses to “Day Seven, and It’s a Full Week!!”

  1. Great post from Liz on the regular blog!

    I’ve met my goal for today — still revising what I’ve done on my NaNo book so far. Looking forward to doing some actual writing, and if all goes well I should be up to that stage this time next week.

  2. Gillian says:

    This week has flown!

    I’ve figured out that writing my “new” words works better before work, and my revisions, which I dislike tackling when I don’t have much time, work better in the late evening when we’re finally done running around.

    You are very sweet to write these daily posts, Elisa. 🙂 Hope it’s going well for you.

  3. Thanks for writing such great and encouraging posts, Elisa! Week one has gone by quickly. I’ve met my goals every day so far (and then some)

  4. Loni says:

    Okay, I’ve been off line for the past few days. DD (yo) underwent Wisdom Teeth extractions and DH and I did some basement work while she was recouping.

    I did get 2, 477 words in Saturday morning to make up for my Friday numbers and times (spent from 5am-9am writing and revising)

    I did another 2,000 Sunday morning and 1,000 yesterday. I put in two hours today of random revisions between my two wips so I feel kind of justified to have done work the past few days. My goals were met–just not in the order I would have liked. Seeing it as I’m writing about it helps–so thank you for letting me vent it out and realize I’m on target–for me.


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