Day Six, and Really, You Should Be Sprinting!!!

Morning, folks! For those of you who have the day off today–congrats! What a great day to get some writing done!

Kim Law will be hosting lots of sprints today…and I’ll try to get into the chat room to fill in some of the empty spaces so you marathoners out there don’t have to stop.

I joined the sprints myself for three hours this morning, and got a couple thousand words written. Very satisfying! And I was so jazzed up afterwards, I went to the gym.

Again, if you haven’t joined a sprint yet, go to the home page, find the big blue box in the upper left, and click on the top link to enter the chat room. ┬áIf you need a little info on how it all works, click the bottom link to go to Kim’s super-helpful post on the subject. But don’t be shy! Pop right in!

How’s everybody doing today??




7 Responses to “Day Six, and Really, You Should Be Sprinting!!!”

  1. Yay, Elisa, exercising both mind and body today! I’ve just met my goal for today. Sadly, my running shoes are still soaking wet after yesterday’s downpour, so I will not be hitting the treadmill today. What a pity…

  2. Dara says:

    I’m going to try and get in there today, hopefully this afternoon if the baby decides to nap :P

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Oh, babies and napping!

      I remember mine could always seem to tell if I was excited to do something when they napped, because they would almost always stay awake. Not good sleepers ever, my two kids.

      Actually, one’s a teenager now, and all she wants to do is sleep….but the little one was in bouncing on me this morning to get me up. Sigh.

  3. Gillian says:

    Yeah! I have “two new pages a day on a new work” as one part of my goal, and I’ve finished four this morning. So I’m a bit ahead there, and glad of it!

    I think I’ll follow your example and get a bit of exercise before tackling those revisions I need to meet the second half of my goal.

  4. I’m 300 words away from 40k on this MS and so hoping to hit that before bed. I managed to do two twenty minute Ruby sprints, but had a toddler on my lap one time and an angry toddler artist the other time so low word count day. My #1k1hr turned into a #dirtythirty when naptime ended too early, but I did just get a monster blog post written for tomorrow so that plus *some* words got me my point!

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