Day Twenty, and a Sigh of Relief

Posted Jan 29 2012, 11:02 pm

Okay, the sigh of relief is totally personal: after marathon grading all weekend, I discovered my grades aren’t due until WEDNESDAY morning, not Tuesday. So I actually get to sleep tonight!!!!!

But that small reprieve means it’ll be another day til I get back to working on my own writing instead of evaluating other people’s.

Second sigh.

I hope things are going well for all of you out there in Festival land!! I’m so so eager to getting back to working with all of you!

How’s it going today?




6 responses to “Day Twenty, and a Sigh of Relief”

  1. Kim Law says:

    If you’re like me, something else work-related will fill the gap getting done early should have created, right? *sigh* 🙂 Here’s to both of us getting fully entrenched in our writing soon!

  2. Gillian says:

    I too looked at the day-job calendar this am and had a mild panic attack. Monday is a good day for deep breathing… 🙂

  3. Kristina Mathews says:

    I’m having a very productive day. I didn’t have to work, and since I feel a little cold coming on, I couldn’t excercise (or clean the house) so I edited two chapters and added a completely new scene, getting 1600 new words.

    I don’t even want to think about the rest of the week. I have a School Budget Comittee Meeting tomorrow. I sense a major depression coming on.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Committee meetings…urgh. I spent the whole day in meetings–several of which I had to run. Grading tonight, four classes tomorrow (new semester!), then more grading tomorrow night, and then….just back to the regular grind. But with writing as part of it again.

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