Day Twenty-Four, and more Ruby Releases from Laura Navarre!

We’ve got books by Ruby Sisters hitting the shelves (and the whispernet) like mad right now!

Today we’re celebrating Laura Navarre, whose debut book THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS came out last June as an ebook from Samhain, and will be available in print March 1st!  Her second book, THE DEVIL’S TEMPTRESS, has its digital release from Dorchester this month, and will appear in paperback in August 2011.

Jump on over to the Ruby blog for all the juicy details (you can click the blue TITLE for the post under “Today on the Ruby blog” above), and get your e-reader fired up NOW!

Also…Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!  I really hope winter’s nearing its close!  Stay safe and warm today!

I should also point out that, as of the end of today, you should have earned a total of TWENTY-FIVE POINTS (if you’ve earned a point per day, plus the bonus point for signing up in the first place), which is halfway through to the total fifty points we’re all shooting for.  Not there yet? No worries!  There’s still plenty of time to go!

7 Responses to “Day Twenty-Four, and more Ruby Releases from Laura Navarre!”

  1. Half way? Already? Who greased the runners on the time sled? It’s been a wild, but fun, ride so far, and with the downhill slope ahead, promises to get even better!

  2. Emily Allen says:

    I can’t believe we are half way there. It seams like we just started. Time really does go fast, when your doing something you love. :)

  3. Michal Scott says:

    Back in from ice melting my stoop and walk. My reward? Revising 500 words and writing 500 new ones. Check in with you all later.

  4. Elisa Beatty says:

    Whoop!! Just turned in my semester grades! As soon as my fried synapses are functioning again, I’ll be back to writing! Looking forward to joining the sprints!

  5. CarolRose says:

    Made my goal again! :)

  6. michal scott says:

    Revision done, new words written, 25th point earned.

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