Day Twenty-Seven, and We are Writing Ferociously!!!

Posted Feb 6 2012, 12:00 am

I got to spend a couple hours in sprints again today, and they were FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks to the wonderful Tamara Hogan for hosting, and to Kelley and PattiAnn and Melanie and Jennifer and everybody else who was there for some great camaraderie, inspiration, and conversation!

During the chat part of the sprint  (aside from seriously crushing on Adam Levine and PUPPIES!!!), we got around to the topic of fear, and how it seems to rear its head just when you’re at the threshold of success….like when an editor takes interest in your work, and wants to see MORE.

It’s so easy to freeze up and let fear hold you back from even trying. “What if I’m not good enough?” “What if what the editor has seen so far is the only good thing about my writing?”

We talked about how, if an editor is interested, it means you DO have what it takes–you need to trust your talent, and GET THAT WORK FINISHED AND OUT THERE!! And Tammy told us of advice she got from her editor: not to hold back, but to break through inhibitions and write with all the intensity she’s got. The editor will pull you back from the ledge if you go too far, but to have a powerful book, you’ve got to cut loose!

Tammy’s not one for slogans, but the one phrase she has pasted above her computer is “Write ferociously!”

What a great motto!!! Several of us decided to adopt it immediately.

So, how’s it going for you? Are you all writing FEROCIOUSLY today?



9 responses to “Day Twenty-Seven, and We are Writing Ferociously!!!”

  1. Um. Today was not a day for ferocious. I did do a lot of the morning/early afternoon sprinting with Tammy/Shelley and it was great. But I was hoping to finish the draft this weekend, and that didn’t happen. So darn close though. I decided to watch The Voice and Downton Abby tonight and then had a long phone call so no night writing. Tomorrow though, tomorrow will be a good day 🙂

  2. Kristina Mathews says:

    I’m writing. Not very ferociously, though. I feel like I’m stuck. Yeah, I got my word count in, but I’m feeling kind of “blah” about my story. Maybe it’s the fact that I kinked my neck and Aleve just aint cutting it. Maybe it’s the fact that my kids had minimum days and are home and bugging me. Maybe I’m just feeling full from all the dip I ate yesterday (ok and again today).

  3. Elisa Beatty says:

    Oh, I know that “blah” feeling. It’s icky.

    Usually if you just KEEP writing and get even less-than-scintillating stuff down on paper, the spark will come back after a bit (or you can find it during revision).

    Sometimes, though, you need to do a little GMC review and ask yourself if there’s really enough at stake for your characters in your current scene. If they’re not amped up, you won’t be.

    Then again, it could just be the neck and the kids and the dip!

    Tomorrow is another day!

  4. Just now getting to it. I have my days and nights flip-flopped again. Need to fix that.

  5. Kelley Bowen says:

    I’m doing a self-study class with Michelle Richmond (whose writing I love). On day 5, she offered this quote. Sounds like “Write Ferociously”—TS Eliot style.

    “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
    TS Eliot

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