Day Twenty-Three, and It’s Groundhog Day!

Posted Feb 1 2012, 11:38 pm

So, Punxatawney Phil, will it be six more weeks of winter, or not?

Either way, we’ve got serious Writing Festival time left, and I for one am eager to make the most of it.

How’s everybody doing today?





6 responses to “Day Twenty-Three, and It’s Groundhog Day!”

  1. Liz Selvig says:

    Hey Elisa,
    Just finished a writing sprint with Darynda & Co. and am very happy with my 1630+ words. Here in Minnesota we’re usually THRILLED if Phil declares “only” six more weeks of winter. But this year we’re having record-setting warmth so I’m not sure what to wish for! Hope your week is going more smoothly than last!

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Awesome job on the 1630 words!!!

      I got my grades turned in yesterday (with a few things still being ironed out this morning). I’m beyond exhausted, but hopefully ready to get back to writing work this evening!

  2. Hope the grading is DONE and you are ready to get some words down! Today wasn’t a high word count day for me, but Gwyn and I sprinted, so I got my point. The next two days are bad grading wise, but I will just keep plugging on.

  3. Kristina Mathews says:

    I’m still on track, even though I am reworking the entire thing starting about chapter four. Some of it is rearranging from my first 3/4s draft (I got about that far before realizing I had some major revisions to do). Some of it will be entirely new. It’s a lot of work retyping from hard copy, but I find it is easier to catch mistakes than to just copy and paste from other scenes. I did that on my last MS and ended up with parts that didn’t make sense since I’d cut the parts that would have made it work.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      I think you’re really smart to work from hard copy, Kristina!

      Trying to swap around bits of a digital file does lead to all kinds of wonkiness.

      I’d also recommend Scrivener–a program that’s designed for novelists, and which has interesting options for moving things around. I think the website where you can check it out is called

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