It’s Day Four!!

Posted Jan 13 2011, 3:01 am

Out of deference to Tia and others in time zones that are still on Day Three, this won’t post until the wee hours of the morning for East Coasters. 

Hopefully everybody’s on a roll now. Please remember to update your progress bar each day (log in, then click on “Edit Profile” and scroll to the bottom of your profile page to fill in your new total number of points.)  Watching those progress bars advance will inspire us all!

The Rubies are thrilled by all the positive energy and all the success participants are having so far!  By all means invite friends to join us even if they’re starting late–they can give themselves a few bonus points to make up for lost days.

Remember, tomorrow is Check-In Friday, when everybody will be invited over to the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood site to talk about their progress so far and get a chance to win FABULOUS FESTIVAL SWAG!!

Write on, everyone!



44 responses to “It’s Day Four!!”

  1. Liz Talley says:

    I’m heading out for a walk to clear my head and then to Starbucks to do some serious writing! Hope everyone has a productive day. I wanted to do sprints tonight, but my little bro is getting married this weekend and the obligatory bachelorette party is tonight. Woe is me!

  2. Elisa Beatty says:

    Wow, Liz…everything else you’ve had going on, and now a bachelorette party! Wild, wild life. Good luck with the writing time today!

  3. Elisa Beatty says:

    Oh, and if any of you haven’t read the Ruby blog post today, click on the title Let’s Get Physical at the top of the home page. GREAT ADVICE that ‘s very, very pertinent to all of us right now.

  4. Great post today! After seeing your post here, I ran over to check it out and man, it nailed me. I need to work on all those points for mind, body, spirit. And I have to admit, I was a bit afraid to post my goals here, afraid to fail, to do it publicly, but now that I have I am very thankful I did. This is just what I needed! The support is awesome!

    • Kim Law says:

      Thrilled you took the leap, Marian! And glad you’re here! By the way…I checked out your website and love it!

      • Aw . . . thank you Kim, happy to be here. Thanks for the support and for the kind words. For the site, I really try to offer something of value besides–it’s all about me–you know? I’m hoping to try your sprint writing this evening. Do we just show up?

  5. Is it Thursday already? Crap. The library had better open up soon! I’m out of research books.

  6. Emily says:

    Today had a eye exam and I’m taking advantage of my goal to decompress my drain. So it will be back to the keyboard tomorrow.

  7. Diana Layne says:

    Yesterday sucked, don’t know where my brain wandered off too. Facing these revisions it seems like it just froze. Today I doubled up and caught up. Still, my brain is spinning, I have no idea if I can fix this book or not. sigh. but have you ever had characters you just loved and you really want them to have the story they deserve?

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

      Oh, girl, are you reading my mail? After working on the blog, I sat here like a stunned monkey, so unsure which way to go. I’m so attached to my hero and heroine, I most certainly don’t want them moldering in a file drawer or box, but I feel like Dorothy at the crossroads, and not a scarecrow in sight!

  8. Yesterday, I read through (and made some editing notes) on my entire NaNo novel … so I’m giving myself 2 points. Today so far, nada. But I’m about to remedy that.

  9. Hope Ramsay says:

    Well, I’m up to nine hours for this week, so I’ve met my quota of hours and I’m making good progress. But no amount of Dr. Pepper seems to be helping my fuzzy mind work today.

    I’ve got a big question involving the wardrobes of two of my major minor characters in this WIP. I’ll be hanging around the chat room at 4:00 pm Eastern to query anyone who wants to show up and help me with this research question.

  10. Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

    I’m in the chat room needing to bounce a few thoughts around. I’ll bounce yours, if you’ll bounce mine! 😉

  11. I just checked out Kim’s website and noted her Festival participant banner/widget. Do we get to add these to our sites if we’re participating?

  12. Just gave myself 2 points for today … for writing 410 words before work. (I probably won’t get any on Saturday, so I need to work ahead.)

  13. Anna says:

    Good day today. 25% over goal. 20% of the way finished with first draft of WIP. 🙂

  14. lyndabailey says:

    So far I’ve earned 6 points! One for checking in and one each day, Mon-Wed for revising over 5pgs (word count under 500 – drat!) But today the sun was shining and I met both my goals of 500 new words and 9 pages revised. Whoo-Hoo!

  15. CarolRose says:

    Pleased as punch! Met my goal again! 🙂

  16. Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

    It’s wonderful to check back here and see so many attaining their goals!! Wooooohoooo!

  17. Tina Joyce says:

    Whew! I got 2,000 words in for today (my goal is 500). That’s a huge amount for me. I love it when the words just flow, because I know there’ll be other days when I have to scratch and claw for every word I put down on paper. But for now, I’m happy!

    My time zone in Brazil doesn’t work for participating in the sprints (I’m snug in my bed by that time), but I’ve heard they’ve been exciting and fun!

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

      The room is open, Tina. Maybe you could set up a time that’s convenient and post it so others could join you. I’m revising, sprints are out for me, but between we have quite a global mix, so maybe somebody is in your time zone?

  18. Got my 1,000 words in. Will take a break to heat up leftovers and hopefully make up for yesterday after I feed the kiddos. And I’ll do some stretches, too. Maybe I should keep a jumprope next to my writing desk so I can get some excercise in, when I get stuck.

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

      That’s a great idea, Kristina! I pace when I think, but there’s no room for the treadmill in this closet. LOL

  19. Kelli Scott says:

    Fell behind Tuesday & Wednesday. Got caught up today.

  20. Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

    Well, done, Kelli. That’s why we do it the way we do it! If you miss a space, you can go back and fill in the blank.

  21. Kathy says:

    I just managed to squeeze out 114 words. I am busy preparing for tax season and tired of living conditions. So I lost my cool and went off on my sister.
    I am on another loop and I think these things keep us in the writing habit.
    Monday I managed 840 words, Tuesday was 1,110 and then yesterday dropped down to 203 and today I did a bare minimum and said I am done for today.

  22. michal scott says:

    Once again I earned my point today. I wrote more than double my goal today. 1,033 words and a good pre-black moment scene for my h/h. Thanks again sisterhood.

    Michal Scott
    Writing where romance is always a threesome

  23. CarlaKempert says:

    Can’t believe I’m hitting my goals! The first day it was like pulling teeth. Tuesday, a little easier (even though I was dog-tired from dealing with the kids). Wednesday, still tired (shoveling) but easier. Tonight, a cup of tea and a TV full of reruns, and I went on a roll. I vowed 1K words and tonight, 1300! Yay me!

    Thanks, Kim, for the sprints last night! What a difference it makes to just shut everything else out and let the story flow!!

  24. Logged another 1,000 + after dinner. Yay! 2 points for today. I needed the accountability more than anything. It is working.

  25. Yesterday was a wash — just no time! — but today I got my point. Woot.

    I’m a little fuzzy on how to get multiple points. I thought it was just 1 for 1?

    • Gwynlyn MacKenzie says:

      You can make-up points missed, Christian. If your goal is 1000 and you fall short, but write 1500 the next day and they average to 1000 per day, the point is yours. Life is unpredictable, and the WWF is all about keeping your moving forward. If you stumble, the opportunity is there to dust yourself off and catch up.

  26. Elisa Beatty says:

    Made my goal, too, and mailed some pages to my agent! Hurray!

  27. I had the wrong time change for the sprint. Duh. Now that I’ve figured out it’s 7 pm central time, I’ll try to do that. At least I got a GH entry read last night. 3 more to go. Working on those revisions are moving too slow! I’m hoping for a lot of progress today.

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