Woo-hoo!! The RSSWWF Is Almost Here!!!

The Winter Writing Festival is set to open January 11, 2012!!

To join in, click the “Register” tab above (in the upper right) and follow the instructions there.

Decide on your personal goals and terms for earning points. On January 11, jump over to the regular Ruby Slippered Sisterhood blog to declare your commitment to participate and post your personal means of earning a “point” each day, and you’ll earn a BONUS POINT!

To get all the details on how to participate, click the “About” tab above.  (On the “About” page, you’ll also find a special bright-blue PARTICIPANT badge with a Ruby slipper; right click on it and you can save it as a GIF file and post it on your own website or blog!)

Once you’ve registered here, you can update your point total every day of the Festival by logging in, then going to “Edit Profile.”

There will also be scheduled writing challenges in the Chat Room, and you can crow about your progress any time on the Brag Blog.

Check in every Wednesday on the regular Ruby blog to report on your progress, and you’ll be entered into random drawings for Festival Swag, including personal writing critiques from Ruby Sisters!

2 Responses to “Woo-hoo!! The RSSWWF Is Almost Here!!!”

  1. Lyn says:

    I can’t believe it’s a whole year since the last one!

    I haven’t written a thing this month, so far as I have quite a lot going on at the moment, but I hopew TWWF will give me the necessary ‘boot up the backside’ to get some much needed revision done!

  2. Elisa Beatty says:

    Delighted you’ll be with us again, Lyn!!! Saturday morning (or I guess for you it’s early evening) sprinting????

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