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The Great CP Search (Reprisal from April 2017)
If you’ve been a Ruby blog follower for a long time, you may recall my March 10th, 2011 article on critique partners — AKA cattle prods.   If you didn’t  read it, you might want to now as it’s relevant to this post. During the RWA national conference we heard from many writers looking for a CP.  I won’t […]

Day 50 – And Our 2018 Festival Has Come to a Close!!

Posted By Elisa Beatty on Feb 28 2018, @ 12:01 am

It’s always hard to believe that 50 days could pass so quickly.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Festival this year!! I hope you all got a tremendous amount done, and that you’ll carry the inspiration and energy of the Festival with you well into the spring and summer!!

Stop by the regular Ruby blog today for one final check-in…and the chance to win more prizes!!

See you all next year!!!!