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Hello Winter Writing Festival Warriors!

How are you doing? Are your fingers achy from molding those perfect scenes and nudging your characters into hilarious or dangerous or downright spectacular circumstances? Yes? Good – keep going! Never stop. The best way to become a fabulous writer is to continue to practice your craft by writing some more.

Well this is a brag blog and I haven’t done much bragging. It’s hard for most of us to do. Either we tell someone about our accomplishments and they don’t “get it” or they do get it and think we’re being snooty.

I think the safest way to celebrate our milestones – and we really should – is to celebrate with a trusted group of friends who know how hard it is to do what you’re doing. Even if they aren’t writers, if they’ve watched you toil away, they will understand how important your success is and how hard it was to gain. If they are writers who know you well enough to appreciate your payoff for hard work, then invite them in with you to do the happy dance.

Because we all must celebrate our accomplishments. In a writer’s solitary world, we need to include breathing characters to stay sane : ) And good critiques and reviews are sometimes very far in between. So think about a group of friends or join a writer’s group on line and then contribute and celebrate with others about their milestones. Then when it’s time for you to brag, they will gladly join you in a big happy dance.

Happy Friday! Heather

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  1. Elisa Beatty says:

    Happy Friday, indeed, Heather!!

    And, yes, we all need a good place to shout about our accomplishments as writers.

    C’mon, people, brag!!!

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