Day 21, and It’s Time to Be a Little Brave!!

Posted Jan 30 2019, 12:26 am

Today’s definitely a day you want to jump over to the regular Ruby blog! As I do a few times every Festival, I’m calling on brave Festival participants to SHARE a little snippet of something they’ve written during the Festival.

Join in!!!

Also, how’s it going today?



2 responses to “Day 21, and It’s Time to Be a Little Brave!!”

  1. Michelle McCraw says:

    I’ll be brave. Here’s a snippet of a scene I edited this morning with two friends catching up:

    “Spill.” Alicia set my stuffed unicorn next to my pillow and speared me with a glare. Up in my room, we sat on my bed’s white comforter surrounded by my collection of pink and white throw pillows like a couple of teenagers. Tigger had conveniently overcome his aversion to my room when Alicia came up, and now he snuggled into her side. He watched me through smug half-closed eyes while he purred.

    “Nosy,” I said, stalling. “You should at least braid my hair if we’re going to gossip like high schoolers.”

    Alicia snorted and gestured for me to turn around. Tigger hissed when I scooted back toward her.

    She tilted my head back and combed her fingers through my hair.

    • Elisa Beatty says:

      Ooh! Just saw this! We were sharing snippets over on the regular Ruby blog, and I’ve been down with the flu and not checking in here every day (apologies).

      I love the energy and flow of this scene…I can tell so much about the relationship between the women, and love the humor and intimacy of “Spill!” and “you should at least braid my hair if we’re going to gossip like high schoolers”! I’d love to read more!!

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