Day 3 – And Something to Always Remember!

Posted Jan 12 2019, 1:45 am

For those of you who joined the Festival because you’d gotten out of writing practice and are trying to get your groove back, today’s inspirational image is here to remind you that GETTING WORDS ON THE PAGE is fantastic, even if you’re feeling rusty.

Third day’s a charm!! Or at least I hope it’s going that way for you!!

How’s it going today?



4 responses to “Day 3 – And Something to Always Remember!”

  1. Susan Craig says:

    Great day! Super sprint with Autumn this morning. Thank you!!

  2. LAL Thompson (L Long) says:

    w00t! I feel like I’m on a roll. 3 days and I’ve hit my 500 word/day goal all 3 days!

    Here’s to keeping the momentum going.

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