Day 48 – And May You Dream Big!!

Posted Feb 26 2019, 12:00 am

One thing all writers have in common–an imagination that just won’t keep quiet.

We have stories inside us, words inside us, characters inside us that rise up from some deep unconscious pool that constantly flows and swirls and surges and demands release.

It’s as much a part of us as breathing.

No matter how busy our lives get, or how frustrating the practical aspects of the publishing can be, or how many people in our lives look at us askance and wonder what the heck we’re doing spending so much time trying to write, we just can’t stop ourselves. We may let our writing fall off from time to time, but that dreaming impulse keeps rising within us, and our stories return.

Keep dreaming, friends! And keep writing! Because it’s what we NEED to do!

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