Day 49 – And We May Have Found the Secret to Happiness!

Posted Feb 27 2019, 12:00 am

An interesting article in the New York Times talks about the power of writing (and re-shaping) the narratives we tell ourselves about our own lives. Exploring the truth of your own behavior, and putting a more positive spin on the way you write about it can enhance happiness and also success.

This is a bit different, obviously, than fiction writing, but in some ways I think something similar happens for those of us who write romance. We shape and re-shape narratives about people struggling to understand their lives and connect with one another…and we do always help them move towards that HEA.

Does writing romance make us happier overall? What do you think?

And how’s the writing going today?

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One response to “Day 49 – And We May Have Found the Secret to Happiness!”

  1. Susan Craig says:

    All I can say for certain is that writing…romance or otherwise…makes ME happier than not writing. 🙂

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