Day Nine – What are you doing this weekend?

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Hello Winter Writing Festival Warriors!

It’s finally Friday, the end of a long week. What will you be doing this weekend? Writing throughout Saturday and Sunday? Or taking a break to visit with those people who have been whispering around you all week while you tap away at your keyboard – aka – your family?

Writers can often go for long stretches of time without having to interact with other breathing individuals because we are playing with and torturing our wonderful characters (and we can sometimes even get our characters to empty the dishwasher or pick up their dirty socks when the breathing individuals don’t). However, as much as you want to just clack away and transport yourself onto the misty Scottish moors of the 16th century or onto a top notch team of hot investigators, we do need to take a step away and interact with breathing people. And just typing that your hero is breathing doesn’t count.

So yes, if this weekend is the time to write, then write away. But balance makes a healthy person and balance means taking a break and doing something else too. You can still meet your daily goals, but then don’t go back and overdo. Find something to do with the real life ones you love. Make it quality time and experience love and life outside the pages of your next masterpiece.

That said…how did you do this week? Can you get through the weekend with your goals in mind but finding balance with your family?



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  1. Addison Fox says:


    This is a GREAT post! It’s so, so important to refill the well. Part of what makes us writers is how we see the world – and if we never leave our keyboards, we’re not seeing a whole heck of a lot of it. 🙂

    Happy Friday!!!!

    • HeatherMc says:

      I so need to see more of the world. My family and I are going to Britain this July. I’m so excited to actually see what I’ve been writing about!

      Have a great weekend, Addison!

  2. Very true Heather. I’ll be doing both. Time with a friend, then time formatting and editing. That’s what I love about the WWF, it’s flexible. I can spend time with friends and family, still meet my goals and feel minimal guilt about the time I spent writing. Good reminder!


    • HeatherMc says:

      I think it is so important to build goals around all aspects of our lives. Not just work, but also healthy things like connecting with family and exercising.
      So glad, Melanie, that you can connect with your friend this weekend.
      I’m going to a 31 Bag party with my mom tomorrow, then my son’s soccer game on Sunday. I also have to plan my 6 yo’s unicorn/fairy tea party that will be next Saturday. Oh yeah – and edit my manuscript and write some blog posts. Keeps me on my toes!

  3. Anita Hayes says:

    I’m playing catch up today but I need help…I got a brain freeze thing going on and know what I want but not sure what it is called so I am hoping that all you smarter than me people can give me some help. lol. Ok you know how when your character talks, you use quotation marks for the dialog. Well what is it called when your character is thinking something and it is in a different type set to show they are thinking it not talking ? I really am a diamond in the rough, and this writing thing gives me a whole new respect for authors because there is a lot to it. Though I have come a long way, I know I need to grow a lot more and quick. hahahaha Hope everyone else is having a productive day. Thanks

    • HeatherMc says:

      Hi Anita!
      Hmmm…not sure what it’s called but I put my thoughts in italics. There is POV for Point of View and Deep POV (which would be their thoughts), but I don’t know the technical term and I have four full length books out : )

      Welcome to the festival! So glad you’ve started on your writing journey! It’s a curvy road but there are a lot of resources available. Have a great weekend! Heather

    • Anita Hayes says:

      Thank you Heather, that is the word I was looking for. I could see it in my head and knew it but the word was escaping me. Long road it has been. I have at least 8 stories started. Have been writing for years while raising children. I even participated in a Harlequin Challenge which is the current project I am still working on. I just spent almost an hour reading all the resources that are on here. There is a lot of good information there. The technical stuff I have learned and a lot I still need to learn is very daunting. Self doubt has also been my biggest downfall also. Though for years, I have self taught myself a lot so someday, this will come to fruition. Just getting there is so so hard. lol Like Dory says, “Just keep swimming.” That is all you can do is keep at it til you get it right. Thanks again.

  4. Elisa Beatty says:

    A good reminder to find balance, Heather! Thanks!

    I actually have a FOUR-DAY WEEKEND this weekend….though at the end of it, my grades are due, and so is a 150-page accreditation report for one of my schools that’s been driving me crazy.

    Still…I will make time to go swimming with my 8-year-old and take my daughter out to lunch to celebrate finishing her first set of high-school finals. And walk the dog…. Anything that doesn’t involve just SITTING all the time!!!

  5. Kristina Mathews says:

    Felt like a long week. Would love to say I have a weekend of writing ahead of me. But probably not. I do hope to catch up a litte since I have Monday off. I just hope my husband will take the kids skiing or something on Monday so i can make up for the two days this week where I didn’t make my goals. And to make matters worse, on those days I just didn’t sleep. My Muse chose to show up in the middle of the night, but it was too cold to crawl out of bed and hit the laptop.

    Also, my neck has kinked from not getting as far along on my new WIP. The old cycle of not being able to write because I’m in pain, but I’m only in pain because I’m not writing….

    But, I made my points today. I plowed through and hit 1K and now I can hopefully get some sleep tonight. It’s going to be a busy weekend. Teen son has baseball practice. And on Sunday we’ll be watching the NFC Championship game. Go 49ers. I have a lucky scarf that is older than thier quarterback.

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